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Young women are invited to explore the wonderful life of the Sisters of IHM. Sisters Rachel, Donna and Maryalice share their stories with you through this short video. If God is tugging on your heart, think about taking the next step to learn more about becoming an IHM Sister. Ours truly is a wonderful life.

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This is a story of love, commitment, trust in Divine Providence, and the bonds of sisterhood. This is the story of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Each video segment has the same introduction as noted above.

1) IHM Past

2) IHM Present

3) IHM Future

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With One Voice: IHM CD

"With One Voice" features 13 selections, several of which are original compositions by two Scranton IHMs - Sr. Joan McCusker, IHM and Sr. Trish Scalese, IHM; include both contemporary English and Spanish music as well as traditional English and Latin hymns and instrumental compositions. Learn more or purchase With One Voice here.

Audio Clips

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