IHM Arts Ministry


Works of art are not only objects of beauty and technical accomplishment, they are also messages conveyed by the artist about the nature of life. Artists can lead us to places of stillness, deeper contemplation, new insights into human experience and more profound connection with the Creator of all.

Throughout our history, the IHM sisters have recognized the importance of the arts in the lives of all people as well as the power of the arts to heal and transcend. Visual art, music, dance and poetry are integral elements in our celebrations, ministries, homes and spaces of worship. The arts have long helped us understand life, discover meaning and give expression to the sacred.

The Congregation is now bringing together the works of its artists so that they can be shared with a wider public. The "IHM Arts Ministry," is an effort to make our sisters' works available for sale.

For more information on the IHM Arts Ministry, contact the Heartworks Gift Boutique at 570-963-2491.

Sacred dance by IHM Sisters

Arts Ministry


IHM Heartworks Gift Boutique

IHM Heartworks Gift Boutique is located just inside the main entrance of the Lady of Peace Residence, and has many items all handmade by the IHM sisters. Learn more...

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With One Voice IHM CD

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