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With One Voice

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A true Scranton IHM experience always includes music!

"With One Voice" captures that experience and lets you re-create it in the privacy of your home or prayer space or in the public areas of your retreat center, church or even riding along in your car.

"With One Voice" features 13 selections, several of which are original compositions by Sr. Joan McCusker, IHM and Trish Scalese; include both contemporary English and Spanish music as well as traditional English and Latin hymns and instrumental compositions.

"With One Voice" features a chorus of sixty Scranton IHMs, a few of their friends and a small group of instrumentalists under the direction of Sr. Joan McCusker, IHM.

Whether you've been taught by, ministered to, or work with a Scranton IHM or are just looking for a quality spiritual musical experience, "With One Voice" intends to share with you what gives Scranton IHMs so much joy - lifting our voices to God in song!

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Audio Clips

.MP3 file O-God-of-Lovliness-clip 656 kb .MP3
.MP3 file Ave-Maria-clip 664 kb .MP3
.MP3 file Magnificat-clip 645 kb .MP3
.MP3 file Spirit-God-clip 652 kb .MP3
.MP3 file The-Richness-of-Our-God-clip 660 kb .MP3
.MP3 file On-a-Day-Like-This-clip 654 kb .MP3
.MP3 file WithOneVoiceClip 943 kb .MP3
.MP3 file Choose-Life-clip 645 kb .MP3
.MP3 file Adoration-clip 701 kb .MP3
.MP3 file Vespers-in-Late-Spring-clip 658 kb .MP3
.MP3 file Ave-Verum-Corpus-clip 643 kb .MP3
.MP3 file Cancion-de-Misionero-clip 645 kb .MP3
.MP3 file Salve-Regina-clip 662 kb .MP3