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In the face of expanding needs and shrinking resources, we must continue to respond to the challenges of the times with faith, courage, trust and resourcefulness. Our lives must foster the human aspirations of the people served, communicate the reality of God's unconditional love and meet the needs of the poor, spiritually neglected, the sick, the uneducated and the abandoned. This calls for direct service, systemic change, advocacy and involvement in social issues. It also calls for the inner qualities of contemplative receptivity, openness to conversion and radical willingness to sacrifice for the sake of love.

ihm ministries
IHM Ministries

News & Events

News & Events

View recent news about the IHMs, upcoming events, and prayer group & retreat schedules.

Justice & OutreachJustice Issues, Outreach & Advocacy

Learn about the IHM stance on social justice issues, what they are doing to help, and find links to relevant resources. Also view videos that tell the story of the IHM mission, history and current outreach.

Arts Ministry

IHM Arts Ministry

The IHM sisters recognize the importance of the arts and their power to heal and transcend. Learn about the Arts Ministry and where you can purchase items all handmade by the IHM Sisters.

PublicationsPublications & Library

Read newsletters, online publications, book excerpts, and reflection writings by the IHM Sisters and friends. You can also listen to clips from their CD, With One Voice, and find links to relevant resources.

RetreatsRetreats & Hermitages

Get the latest retreats schedule and information on available hermitages as well as prayer groups.

Sponsored Works

Sponsored Institutions & Partners

Read more about the exciting possibilities and challenges of sponsorship and about the missions of each of these growing institutions.

PhotographsPhotos & Media

View photos from recent events, listen to audio clips, and watch videos in this section.