IHM Sponsored Institutions & Partners


In times of change, challenge and uncertainty, people depend upon strong institutions to which they can turn for guidance, competence, care and a firm commitment to preserving cherished values.

Throughout the years, the IHM Congregation has chosen to maintain a sponsored commitment with several institutions whose missions we believe are highly relevant to today's society.

The Congregation has been committed consistently to the governance, administration and staffing of these institutions. The Congregation President and Council serve as corporation members for each institution and reserve the authority to influence decisions which preserve the identity, philosophy, mission and property of each institution.

Read more about the exciting possibilities and challenges of sponsorship in the IHM sponsorship document and about the missions of each of these growing institutions.


IHM Sponsored Institutions

The IHM Congregation sponsors the following entitites:

Our Partnerships

The IHM Sisters partner with several other congregations of women religious, including:

To learn more about these partnerships and our collaborative projects, seach our IHM website on any of the words in our titles.