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Deck the Halls and the Porches!

Deck the Porches-Dec 2021-2

Ellen Maroney-OLP Deck the Porches-Dec 2021

Deck the Porches-Dec 2021

OLP deck the porches-Dec 2021

City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style, in the air there’s a feeling of Christmas. During the month of October, the sisters at OLP were engaged in conversations remembering and sharing traditions while growing up or out on mission. So often the conversations would be about holidays and what did they remember with fondness and wish they could enjoy again. “Lights” Christmas lights was the number one theme over and over. They remembered driving around and enjoying neighborhood lights and some even helping to deck out their own homes with lights.

With the pandemic last year some were not able to get out and see the lights, and for others going out just isn’t an option. As we listened, we could sense in their stories a longing to live those memories again. How do we make those dreams come alive? It seemed like the logical idea was to bring the lights to OLP. We put out the dream to our sisters, families, and associates to sponsor a porch and bring HOPE to our dear sisters. On Amazon, on Walmart, on mail carriers and Dollar Tree shoppers. On Jane, on Suzie, and other sister shoppers… soon the packages began stacking up and on Black Friday and Saturday, the IHM elves arrived to decorate the porches. Between the two days we had approximately 30 elves brave the cold, wind, and snow showers to decorate every porch!

On Sunday the snow covered the ground but the buzz inside was all about when will the lights be turned on. Of course, everyone had a different reason as to why it should happen NOW. But December 1st the lights will go on!

In some ways it is like days of returning to school after Thanksgiving and the children wanting to move on to St. Nick and we were trying to focus on lighting Advent candle one! Each day we would sing: Come, Lord Jesus! Come and be born in our hearts, and each day the light would grow brighter, and the hearts would prepare for the special birth. Here at OLP, the same spirit of HOPE is alive and well. The smiles, the nods, and the gentle pats on the shoulder or on the backs are the expressions of the beam of light shining through the hearts of our sisters.

THANK YOU to everyone who helped in ANY way to bring this gift of LIGHT and HOPE to our dear sisters. We could not have done this special project without you! If you are in the Scranton area, please drive by and enjoy the lights. If you live at a distance, we promise to share pictures with you. You are the BEST! Wishing each of you a BLESSED Advent and Joyous Christmas.

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olp deck the porches-Dec 2021-DelValle olp deck the porches-Dec 2021-Reap