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IHM Sister Becomes a US Citizen

Sister Denise Montagne completed the naturalization interview at the Department of Homeland Security in Philadelphia on January 23. An English reading, writing, and speaking test was followed by a civics test covering important U.S. history and government topics.

Sister Denise remarked, "Sister Kathy Kurdziel and I waited almost two hours before I was called for the test and interview. After the exam and the interview I was told I had passed the test of English, and U.S. history and I was congratulated and told that my application will be recommended for approval. If approved, I will be notified when and where to report for the Oath of Allegiance and there I will receive my Certificate of Naturalization."

Joining Sister Denise Montagne for the ceremony of swearing in as a U.S. citizen were Bettina Montagne Waggoner, twin sister of Denise, and Karina Waggoner, niece of Denise. Bettina and Karina traveled from Miami, FL, to Philadelphia for the celebration on February 4. Also joining Sister Denise for the ceremony were IHM Sisters Kathryn Kurdziel, Donna Korba, and Kathleen Clancy, along with Sister Sonia Avi, IHM (Immaculata) and Kathy Hart, SSJ.

Dear Sisters and Friends,

I am so grateful for all of the love and support expressed by many on this special day. There have been so many beautiful notes that rejoiced with me on my becoming a citizen of this beautiful country. We were 76 new citizens from 34 different countries. As I looked around the room, I was moved to tears of happiness to be counted as one of them and to be surrounded by the beautiful colors of America. What a wonderful representation of diversity at its best. God bless America!


Sister Denise Montagne, IHM

L-R: Sisters Donna Korba, Denise Montagne, Kathy Kurdziel and Kate Clancy