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Praying the Rosary for the World




IHM Sisters and friends gathered in the courtyards at Our Lady of Peace Residence on May 17, 2020 to pray the rosary for our world in this time of crisis and pandemic. Sister residents joined on their balconies and in their dining rooms to view those outside praying. The gathering was planned by Sister Susan Armbruster who created a gigantic rosary that lined the courtyard path. A sound system amplified the prayer for all to hear. The rosary recitation was livestreamed on Facebook where hundreds of IHM followers joined the sisters in prayer. Sister residents hung signs from their porch railings that said, "Thank you." Others made signs saying, "Miss you." The shared prayer was a welcome activity for all those who've remained socially distant since the quarantine began on March 13. To date there have been no reported cases of Covid-19 at OLP—another reason for a prayer of thanksgiving joined to the prayer for all those suffering in any way as a result of this pandemic.


More than 40 sisters and friends gathered outside Our Lady of Peace Residence
to pray the rosary with the sisters inside under quarantine.