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Scranton Mayor Visits IHM Center

Recently Scranton Mayor, Paige Cognetti was invited to the IHM Center for prayer, brunch, and some time of sharing with members of the IHM Leadership Team and various members of the JPIC and EarthCARE Committees. The purpose of the gathering was to share common values and initiatives and to explore ways that the congregation might collaborate with city initiatives.

Various topics including homelessness, affordable housing, immigration, climate and environmental initiatives were discussed. Sister Katie also noted that IHM has a powerhouse of prayer ministers at OLP and invited her to ask for spiritual support on her endeavors.

Scranton Mayor Visits IHM Center 2024

Pictured from L-R: Sisters Donna Korba, Grace Surdovel, Susan Armbruster, Mayor Paige Cognetti, Sister Katie Clauss, IHM Associate Pat Sheehan, EarthCARE member Jan Novotka, Sister Jean Coughlin, Executive Assistant to the Mayor, Kaitlin Scott, and Sister Judy O’Brien