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IHM Corporate Stance on Immigration Reform


Informing government officials and the public about the IHM Corporate Stance on Immigration Reform...

Dear Mayor ______

Our congregation, the Sisters Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, has established a corporate stance calling for comprehensive immigration reform. Since our IHM sisters serve in your city, I wish to share with you our congregation’s position and urge you to apply its principles to issues of immigration as they affect our city.

Our stance is in support of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, calling for comprehensive immigration reform and including the following four provisions:

  • regularization of the status of undocumented immigrants already in the US, with a path to residency and citizenship;
  • expansion of family-based immigration to reduce waiting times for separated families;
  • a guest worker program with protections for the rights of all workers;
  • border protection policies that prevent entry of terrorists and criminals while treating individuals with respect and humaneness.


We believe the Bishops’ position offers an opportunity to resolve a pressing problem facing our society. It promotes the economic and moral well-being of all the residents of the United States. It is a balanced and humane approach to the issue of immigration; it honors both our history as a nation of immigrants and our tradition as a nation of law. As religious we support the stance as an authentic response to the Judeo-Christian tradition of concern for poor and marginalized persons.

I hope that you will take our stance into consideration as you craft our city’s policies regarding immigration. I am confident that it will promote civility among our city’s residents and progress in its economic development.


Sister _______