St. Joseph Center


St. Joseph's Children's and Maternity Hospital, Scranton, Pennsylvania

The long history of St. Joseph's Center, dating from its founding as St. Joseph's Society in 1888, saw many location changes, name changes, and clientele changes. For many, May 1900 was the major step as the main part of the present building at 2010 Adams Avenue, Scranton, the site donated by Mr. John B. Smith, was completed. By October 1909 the two wings were constructed and by 1920 the name changed to St. Joseph's Children's and Maternity Hospital. (60)

From the time of Mother Mary Francis in 1889 to the present, St. Joseph's has provided loving care for infants, unwed mothers, orphans, and neurologically impaired children and young adults. In Mother Kathleen's time, fifty-five years after the initial construction of St. Joseph's, major renovation was the order of the day. Beginning in 1956, aided by a grant of $106,800 from the Ford Foundation, $231,000 in bequests and gifts from donors, and a loan of $140,000 from the Scranton Diocese, a three-year project of repairs and renovations was carried out. The kitchen, the laundry, and areas occupied by the children were completed in 1959. (61)

Administrators of this facility since the 1950s have included Sisters Christine Clark, Naomi McCloskey, Maria Dolora Legnard, Marian Denise Walsh, Vincentia Dorsey, and Therese O'Rourke. Numerous IHMs have served on the staff over the years as full-time or summer-time assistants. In 2004, the IHM staff members include Sisters Mary Kay Faliskie, St. Francis Lyons, Ann Walsh, Kathleen M. Kelly, and Jean Toolan.

Additional property and buildings would be added over the years to the original St. Joseph's Children's and Maternity Hospital, but the dedication of the sisters to the care of the children and young adults remains its hallmark.

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Excerpted from the book, The Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Scranton, Pennsylvania: 1919-1974. By Sister Michel Keenan, IHM

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