Vocation Stories


Sr. Kathleen Lunsmann, IHM

Kathleen Lunsmann -SOAR 3

I think that I always felt the call to religious life which became more clear to me since high school. But it wasn't until I was in college that I knew which congregation was right for me.

I remember meeting IHM sisters on the campus of Marywood my freshman year and thinking, "Wow, they all seem so happy." It wasn't that I had never known happy sisters before, but my experience of religious women so far was that sisters were often tired, usually overworked and quite stern. During my college years, as I became friendly with more IHMs I realized that my first impression proved correct -- they really are happy! That was Kathleen Lunsmann -SOAR 2when I knew that the IHM Congregation was the one for me.

In going through the process for entrance to the Congregation, my greatest concern was ministry. I was studying management and finance at the time and truly felt that my talents were in the business field. I was fearful that I would be called upon to do something outside of my field, something for which I was not prepared.

In conversations with the vocation director, she assured me that the congregation would use my gifts and talents and together we would discern the ministry to which God was calling me. She shared with me the various ministries in which the IHM sisters were involved and gave examples of how my management and business skills could be used to help further the IHM mission.

I found that in sharing my concerns with the vocation director, she was able to help me work through my fears. She showed me that in answering a call to religious life, a world of opportunities to serve is available. I needed only to say yes. 

Kathleen Lunsmann -SOAR 1

Sister Kathleen is currently serving as the President of Support Our Aging Religious, Inc., Washington, DC.