Vocation Stories


Sr. Mary Ann Lang, IHM

I come from a family with deep ties to faith, relatives, and close friends. My early memories are of my relatives who attended daily mass and who were very thoughtful in reaching out to help others.

Being active in the Catholic faith was important to me, but like most young people, I went through a deep questioning time. The Catholic faith was all that I had ever known – was it what I truly wanted to embrace for my own? After much reflection, I feel that I emerged stronger in my faith and commitment to the Catholic Church.

After going away to a secular college, I returned home and became very active in our parish Council of Catholic Women. At this time I came into contact with the Immaculata IHM’s who minister at the parish school. I began having thoughts of being a sister but I felt, “This is definitely not me! I am too active, have too much energy and am involved in many organizations. I can’t be cooped up in a convent.” I was actually thinking back to pre-Vatican II times when sisters lived a more secluded life style. Little did I know…

Sr. Mary Ann and a graduating student
from Mother Cabrini High School in the Bronx, NY

Sr. Mary Ann poses with Katie Couric when
the Today Show featured a series on the
Energy Up Program at Mother Cabrini
High School.


I was very happy in my role as Employee Relations Director for a manufacturing firm and came close to making a commitment to the married life. But somehow I still felt that there was something missing in my life. The idea of becoming a sister kept coming into my mind, but for years I kept pushing it aside. Finally I decided that I needed to explore this option if I was going to find peace. I asked to see one of the parish sisters, Sister Kevin Michael, IHM as she was always smiling and seemed to have great joy.

We started meeting on a regular basis and I learned that being a sister was much different than I had thought. In time and with much prayer, God’s call to me became clearer. A strong community life was a high priority for me as I knew that I would need support to be able to live as a vowed religious. I was also seeking a congregation that embraced a variety of ministries.

Sister Kevin Michael arranged a visit for me with the Scranton IHM’s. I will never forget when I went into the chapel at the IHM Center. I felt a deep peace that I had not felt at any other place that I had visited. I became an affiliate and began making major life changes so I could enter the congregation.

Leaving my work and my friends was very hard, but most of all it was difficult for me to leave my family. God gave me the grace, and I received much encouragement from Sister Gloria Frank, then Director of Affiliates. I feel so blessed to be a part of this congregation. The IHM sisters have welcomed me, guided me, supported me and encouraged me every step of the journey.

When I entered the congregation my biggest fear was that I was going to be bored. Now, after 23 years I only “wish for one boring day!” I truly enjoyed my ministry at Mother Cabrini High School, New York City and living in an intercommunity setting in the Bronx, NY. God has blessed me greatly and always provided for my family. I invite other women to join us in bringing God’s healing presence to the world through our varied ministries. 

Sister Mary Ann currently serves as a secretary for the Maternity/Family Services at St. Joseph's Center in Scranton, PA.

MA Lang - Baby Pantry - 2

Pictured above are Sisters Lisa Perkowski, Mary Ann Lang and
Mindy Welding with
service trip students at the St. Joseph's Center
Baby Pantry.