Member Experiences


“I came that you may have life —God’s intimate love— and have it to the fullest.”

Sr. Grace Campbell

I entered the Congregation after completing High School. The Scranton IHM's were my teachers in elementary school. In the Catholic High School I attended, I was taught by women religious from five different congregations. But, when I discerned my call to religious life, it was the IHM Sisters (whose influence I had experienced in grammar school) that lured me to Scranton.

In those years, I was not aware of the charisms within the various congregations, but the IHM Sisters from my formative years witnessed values that resonated with me: prayerfulness, devotion to Mary, a spirit of joy, and a welcoming, listening presence to each student. It was these lived realities that drew me to the congregation.

After twenty-one years in the educational field, I realized a strong call within the call to transition to ministering to the sick and the dying and their families as a Hospital Chaplain in St. Joseph Hospital, now Marian Community Hospital in Carbondale, PA. These were especially graced years of experiencing the willingness of the staff and the families to invite me to journey with them in their suffering, grieving, joy, and hope.

Another ministry shift led me to North Carolina to be the Pastoral Administrator of St. Elizabeth Parish in Farmville, a very small parish without a resident priest. Although I lived singly, I had thirty families who embraced me wholeheartedly. Together, we renewed trust in Divine Providence to sustain us financially and thus allow us to evangelize others, drawing them to explore the Catholic faith.

The expansion of ministerial opportunities included working side-by-side with the protestant ministers and their congregations in the area. They were Eucharist for me when I was grieving and when I was hospitalized. Their families were my extended family. They respected and trusted me enough to lead the congregations in Sunday worship in the Southern Baptist and the Presbyterian Church, respectively, as a "supply clergy". What openness, especially from the Southern Baptists! Over four hundred brothers and sisters surprised me with a "Farewell Dinner", a laptop computer, printer, and a loving send-off.

This ministry progressively led me to become certified in Spiritual Gerontology, to move primarily to ministering to elders who are thirsting for God by assisting them to use their remaining years to deepen their relationship with Him.

As I, now an elder myself, journey with these elders, I am passionate about meeting their needs spiritually. Preparing for their sessions energizes me, and their feedback affirms that with God's inspiration, I am contributing to their seeing these years as a gift. The following quote sums up how I'd like to be remembered, "I came that you may have life -God's intimate love- and have it to the fullest."

Photo of Sister Grace some members of the Parish Prayer Shawl Ministry in New Bern, NC

In my free time, I can be found reading, gardening, knitting or crocheting; all a means of relaxation for me. It would be impossible for me to give up my quiet time each day.

Sister Grace Campbell, IHM 


  • Certificate in Pastoral Administration from Loyola University, New Orleans, LA
  • Certified as a Hospital Chaplain by NACC
  • Professional Certificate in Spiritual Gerontology from Johnson Institute, St. Louis, MO
  • Master Catechist by the Diocese of Raleigh