Member Experiences


Women – check out religious life and the IHMs – it’s a great life!

Sr. Fran Fasolka

I entered the Immaculata IHMs after I graduated from college. I stayed for four years. I had fallen in love and felt I really needed to figure out what I wanted for my life. After a few years I realized that I really longed to be a member of a community. I looked up the Scranton IHMs and began the discernment process with them. I joined them in 1993.

Currently I am the director of communications for the IHM Congregation. I came to this job in May of 2003. I love my work. It brings something new to me everyday – always exciting, always challenging. I am also an artist and I think my creativity oozes out into all that I do. I hope to pursue a masters degree in art at Marywood.

Most of my energy is for religious life, my own congregation and supporting women religious in other congregations in various ways. I have volunteered with New Ways Ministry to help with their publication WomanJourney Weavings. I also support the Girl Scouts because the idea of nurturing character and pride in young women really appeals to me.


ve4fykymI really enjoy making art. I enjoy seeing things grow – people, too. I love being outdoors. I like learning new things. I like being quiet and I like talking with others about important issues. I pretty much just like being alive. I also like to gather people -- for a party, a conversation, a retreat, a hike, a cause. I love pizza (with pepperoni). If it wasn’t for pepperoni, I would be a vegetarian. ; )

I think religious life is a rich and exciting life that offers endless possibilities for personal and spiritual growth. It's a great life! I would like to be remembered as being happy and enjoying my life.