Member Experiences


My family and my Congregation

Sr. Judy O’Brien

I was invited by the Sisters of Saint Joseph, who had educated me, to go to the Appalachian Mountains, as part of the Christian Appalachian Project, to minister to the people. There I met Sister Ancilla Maloney. I knew I wanted to minister as she did. I wanted to be an IHM. 

I have always been called to the less advantaged. I have ministered in schools, shelters, diocesan offices and foster children. I also volunteer with Catholic Charities, and St. Vincent DePaul.  I am passionate about the two children I adopted twelve years ago. They have been my greatest challenge and my greatest love. Without the support of my Congregation, my Family and my God I would never have known the true meaning of Gospel love. 

I enjoy the "Gilmore Girls" TV series. It has given me insight into the best of mother-daughter relationships. There is nothing that I can't stop talking about but I can't stop praying about the situations in our world that prevent peace from being a reality. 

I believe the Congregation knows me for living the life of the black sheep, but they have always accepted, encouraged and empowered me to be who I am. In my spare time, I can be found at home or on the deck at my brother's house, these are paradise for me. In my free time I love doing crosswords, Sudoku and reading. 

My life has been filled with God's love and will; lonely at times, but filled with providence. I want to be remembered as being a person who loved.