September 27, 1696

St. Alphonsus Liguori is born. (St. Alphonsus was the founder of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, the community to which Louis Florent Gillet belonged. St. Alphonsus is considered a patron of the IHM Congregation.)

December 21, 1726

Alphonsus Liguori is ordained to the priesthood.

November 09, 1732

Founding of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer.

June 20, 1762

Alphonsus Liguori is consecrated a bishop.

August 01, 1787

St. Alphonsus Liguori dies.

April 08, 1810

IHM foundress, Theresa Maxis Duchemin, is born in Baltimore, Maryland.

January 12, 1813

Louis Florent Gillet is born and baptized in Antwerp, Belgium. Future founder of IHM. Father Gillet's mother is pictured here.

July 02, 1829

Sister Marie Therese Duchemin pronounces vows as an Oblate Sister of Providence in Baltimore. She was a founding member of this first congregation of African-American women religious.

April 08, 1833

Louis Florent Gillet enters the Redemptorist Congregation. He begins his training to become a Redemptorist priest.

March 10-11, 1838

Louis Florent Gillet is ordained to the priesthood and celebrates his first Mass. This is the beginning of his priestly ministry. The photograph is of the memorial card he gave his mother on the occasion of his first Mass.

May 26, 1839

St. Alphonsus Liguori is canonized a saint.

June 24, 1841

Mother Theresa Maxis is elected superior of the Oblate Sisters.

August 06, 1843

This is the beginning of Father Gillet's American ministry, having come to America the prior April. Rev. Louis Florent Gillet begins to preach his first mission in America (Grosse Point, Michigan). Theresa Renauld (future IHM) attended this.

March 09, 1844

Rev. Louis Gillet initiates his ministry in Monroe, Michigan. Here he saw the need that was soon to lead to the establishment of the IHM Congregation.

September 19, 1845

Theresa Maxis arrives at Monroe. The Congregation is about to be founded.

November 10, 1845

Founding of the Congregation of Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary at Monroe, Michigan (as Sisters of Providence). Pictured here is the log cabin which was the sisters first home.

November 30, 1845

Mother Theresa Maxis and Sister Ann Shaaf receive the habit and profess their vows. This was the first profession of vows in the Congregation.

December 14, 1845

First IHM sisters renew their vows. Therese Renauld receives the habit and is named Sister M. Celestine. She becomes the first IHM novice.

September 13, 1847

Rev. Egidius Smulders replaces Father Gillet as superior of the Congregation at Monroe. He was a Redemptorist who continued Father Gillet's work with the community after Gillet left Monroe.

October 06, 1847

Father Gillet leaves Monroe. He servers his ties with the Congregation until many years later.

December 08, 1847

Title of Congregation is changed from Sisters of Providence to Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary; scapular is changed from black to blue material. This name change would cause Father Gillet to later believe that the Congregation had not survived.

December 08, 1854

Dogma of the Immaculate Conception is proclaimed. The Congregation has been under the patronage of the Immaculate Conception from its beginning.

May 01, 1855

Redemptorists are withdrawn from Monroe. This action angered Bishop Lefevre. Mother Theresa's later attempt to reestablish connections with the Redemptorists in Pennsylvania would lead to many difficulties.

October 02, 1857

First recorded donation of IHM Congregation to Holy Childhood Association. IHMs have promoted the work of this organization ever since. It is a division of Catholic Charities which has one of the highest percentages of contributions to direct service to the poor.

February 02, 1858

Rev. Louis Gillet enters the Cistercian Order and takes the name Pere Marie Celestin.

August 23, 1858

First mission in Pennsylvania opens at St. Joseph's in Susquehanna County. From this beginning would spring two Pennsylvania IHM foundations.

April 04, 1859

Mother Theresa leaves Monroe for St. Joseph's, Susquehanna County Pennsylvania.

July 24, 1859

First Reception and Profession Ceremony are held at St. Joseph Novitiate. Bishop John Neumann presides; seven new members are received. This is the beginning of what is to become the Scranton foundation.

August 03, 1859

Mission at St. Peter's in Reading, Pennsylvania is opened. This is the first mission in territory later to become Philadelphia diocese -- leading to the establishment of the Immaculata foundation.

August 10, 1859

Mother Theresa is deposed as superior general of the Congregation by Bishop Neumann. This is the beginning of the difficulties that would lead to her exile with the Grey Nuns in Ottawa, Canada.

September 02, 1859

Bishop John Neumann blesses the convent at St. Peter's in Reading, Pennsylvania.

January 05, 1860

Bishop John Neumann dies.

January 1860

Emergence of 30 missions serving health care, child care, catechetical and educational needs in eastern and western United States.

May 01, 1861

Charter is approved for St. Joseph Academy in Susquehanna County. First school staffed by IHMs in Pennsylvania. The parish was staffed by Redemptorists.

October 15, 1861

Mother Theresa Maxis is named superior of the community at Susquehanna Depot.

May 25, 1864

Pere Marie Celestin (Father Gillet) arrives at the Hautecombe Abbey in France. This is where he lives out the rest of his life.

February 02, 1867

Mother Theresa Maxis leaves Susquehanna County for Ottawa, Canada. She begins her exile with the Grey Nuns. Though she wore their habit she always considered herself to be a member of the IHM Congregation.

March 03, 1868

The Diocese of Scranton is established. This eventually caused the foundation of the Scranton branch of the IHM Congregation.

July 07, 1871

St. Alphonsus Liguori is declared a Doctor of the Church.

January 21, 1885

Mother Theresa Maxis returns to IHM Congregation in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Her exile ends and she is reunited with the IHM community.

February 09, 1885

Scranton IHM Congregation incorporates under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

July 22, 1889

Scranton IHM sisters elect Mother Mary Magdalen Jackson their first elected superior general.

August 30, 1890

Scranton IHM Congregation takes on administration of St. Joseph's Foundling Home (now St. Joseph Center) for neurologically impaired children. It also houses unwed mothers and arranges adoptions.

February 08, 1891

Father Gillet (Pere Marie Celestin) is reunited with the IHM Congregation. Connection reestablished through the efforts of Sr. Clotilde (Immaculata). He is able to provide facts about the Congregation's founding.

January 14, 1892

Mother Theresa Maxis dies at West Chester, Pennsylvania.

November 14, 1892

Father Gillet (Peter Marie Celestin) dies at the Royal Abbey of Notre Dame of Hautecombe, France.

August 29, 1907

Congregation of the Sisters of St. Casimir is founded with the assistance of the Scranton IHM Congregation.

September 11, 1909

Congregation of the Sisters of Sts. Cyril and Methodius is founded with assistance of the Scranton IHM Congregation.

January 1911

In second 50-year period, 84 missions opened giving visibility and testimony to the Congregation's desire to distribute its ministries and personnel as widely as possible.

May 23, 1917

Marywood College in Scranton has its charter approved by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Marywood is the third college to be established by the IHM Congregations.

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