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Remembering the IHM Sisters at Christmas...

View a Christmas Reflection from a Sister at Our Lady of Peace Residence.

At this time of year, it is most important to remember those who are less fortunate, and to remember that we all have much to be thankful for. Higher gas prices, food prices and an unstable economy affect everyone every day. We are united in our struggles to care for our families and elderly members. We invite you to remember the IHM Sisters as year-end approaches.

Many people enjoy using Christmas and year's end as a special time to give to their favorite charity or non-profit organization.  Year end gifts can provide many advantages to you, the donor, and to the receiving organization.  We invite you to remember the IHM Sisters in your gift giving this year.

Year End Giving


Gifting stock/securities? Please contact the Development
Office at 1-570-346-5431, or email Sr. Ann Monica Bubser.

Facts About Year End Giving

  1. All gifts made on or before December 31 are tax deductible for this tax year.   
  2. Gifts of securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) are some of the best gifts to make whether they have appreciated or depreciated in value.
  3. Depending on your age, income, and the size of your gift, you may be able to carry over your charitable gift tax deduction to subsequent years.
  4. A charitable contribution may just be the right decision to enable you to itemize your taxes (lowering your tax bill) if you don't already.
  5. Check with the broker about avoiding a last minute rush for your year-end gifts of securities.

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Consult with a financial advisor or tax professional for advice on your specific tax situation. For information about giving a gift to the IHM sisters, contact Sister Ann Monica Bubser, IHM at 570 346-5431 or


The First Christmas Gift...

Christmas and Year End Giving is not only a Catholic tradition, but Christmas marks the beginning of the Ultimate Gift - God's gift of His only son, Jesus Christ.

Tradition holds that the three kings, or wise men, followed the star to bring gifts to the newborn king,  beginning a tradition of gift giving to the Christmas season we enjoy each and every year.

But what about the gifts that God has bestowed upon us during the year and throughout our lifetime? We are merely stewards of these gifts. Christmas and year end giving is a spiritual opportunity to make a return to God of His many blessings at Christmas and year's end.

It is the policy of the IHM Development Office to protect the privacy of our friends and donors.  We do not share the names and addresses of our benefactors with other organizations. We value your friendship.

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Sister Ann Monica Bubser
IHM -Development Director
Phone: 570-346-5431