Prayer, Reflection Resources


Prayer and ReflectionThe Interfaith Immigration Coalition (of which NETWORK is a member) has asked religious congregations across the country to hold prayer vigils and send messages to congress regarding the need for immigration reform.

Because many representatives will be in their home states for the President's Day recess, it is suggested that the vigils and communications take place between February 13-22. The Justice/Peace Committee crafted a prayer and a letter and can be used for prayer in whatever setting you find yourself. There is a letter already crafted, however, if you are able to make it more personal, better yet. Below is a link as to where you can find your representative's mailing address.

If you need any Corporate Stance cards, please email Sister Donna Korba at and she will be happy to send them.

Draft a letter to your Congress Member stating our support of the U.S. Catholic Bishops stance calling for immigration reform. Click here for a copy of a formal letter that has been drafted.