Paths of Daring Deeds of Hope


Theresa in Monroe: Appointment of Father Edward Joos

Detroit Nov. 5th, 1857

Dear Mother Therese

I take pleasure in informing you and all your Sisters, that after mature reflection and invocation of the Holy Ghost, I have found it expedient for the interest of your Community, that, under present circumstances, some change be made in the Directorship of the Convent. And therefore, I have nominated and constituted the Rev. Edward Joos, Superior and Director of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the Diocese of Detroit. The Rev. Joos is truly a man of God, has great experience, and is endowed with all the qualification that could be desired for the important office to which he is appointed. You will therefore receive and acknowledge him as your Superior. He is invested with all the faculties requisite for the direction of the Sisters; and I trust that all the Sisters will at all and on all occasions show all the confidence, respect and obedience which are due him as to their spiritual Father and Director.

I have the honor to remain
Your most humble servant,
Peter, Paul, Bp. Zel.
C. of D.