Paths of Daring Deeds of Hope


Theresa in Monroe: Mother Theresa to Father O'Reilly

Reverend Father [O'Reilly],

On receiving your letter I showed it to our Director who thinks well of the mission which circumstance give me the confidence that he will obtain our Bishop's consent. I wrote immediately for that purpose and will send you the answer as the Director requested me to do it, he seems anxious to know whether any other good works besides instruction would be required of the Sisters. I could give him no satisfaction on that Point, but being unwilling he should know I had any other information but your letter, therefore, I said nothing and thought I would write through obedience.

By what I learned in the Right Rev. Bishop Neumann's letter we would have to do in your place the very same thing we have been doing here, namely, instruction in the ordinary branches and preparing girls for receiving the Sacraments. I cannot help expressing to you my satisfaction on hearing that it is among the poor we are called, for it is exactly what we like. We have no desire of being established in large cities and among the great ones of the world. The location and all give me the assurance that it is the will of God we should go.

We will be able to send five sisters, have no music teacher we could spare just now, but as I hope to come with the Sisters, we may be able to arrange that matter either by taking in the house a postulant, who would understand music or some other way.

In your answer, which need not be before receiving our Bishop's answer, will you please give us some information about coming, which route to take, etc. We are very ignorant about those things, and I presume the Director is about the same, he has not been yet two years in America, he did not know before the reception of your letter, that there was a place called Susquehanna.

I will do all in my power to come soon. Please mention in your next, when you want us that I may meet no opposition. In union of the Immaculate Heart, I remain

Your unworthy servant,

M. Theresa
C.I.M. [the initials of the Latin title of the Congregation: Cor Immaculatum Mariae]