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Update on the Little Sisters of St. Therese in Haiti

The daily and especially financial struggles of the Little Sisters and all of the Haitian people have been intensified recently because of the ongoing political unrest, provoked primarily by an even more unstable economy and outbreaks of violence. The situation is extremely dangerous around Port au Prince where gangs terrorize people and are believed to have received their weapons from a faction within the government. The sisters are struggling to feed their own sisters as well as the orphans and the elderly in their care. In addition to the scarcity and expensiveness of basic food staples, it has become extremely difficult for them to obtain medical supplies for the many clinics they maintain throughout Haiti where they provide basic medical care to the very poor. Compounding this already critical situation is the Covid-19 pandemic which is spreading rapidly in Haiti, particularly among the prison populations. Haiti is severely ill-equipped to manage the virus because they lack most of the tools necessary to treat and accommodate those infected as well as provide protective equipment and maintain lockdowns and social distancing. Recently one of the Little Sisters, Sister Zulmie Leon, was  hospitalized for a week with the virus and is now recovering at the Motherhouse. All of the sisters there are now under quarantine, wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

They are so grateful to our IHM sisters because of the faithful support they receive both financially and through our messages of care and concern for them and the people of Haiti. They ask that we continue to pray for and remain in solidarity with one another.

Sisters and friends wishing to give a monetary gift to support the Little Sisters of St. Therese, can mark donations for "Haiti" and send them to the IHM Development Office at the IHM Center.