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IHM Response to DACA Action

As Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Scranton, we follow the gospel call to cultivate a welcoming heart toward all people, especially those most vulnerable and in need among us.

We echo the profound disappointment and moral outrage of millions of people in the United States over President Trump’s recent termination of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Under DACA, 800,000 of those known as Dreamers, brought to this country as children, have been able to live without fear of deportation because of their undocumented status.  
These young immigrants have been working, receiving an education, remaining united with their families, and contributing to the richness and diversity of our nation.

Since our arrival in Northeast Pennsylvania in 1858, our IHM Congregation has served and accompanied immigrants, refugees, and others denied full human dignity. We stand firm in our solidarity with them and in our resistance to the termination of the DACA program. We call on Congress to immediately take up and pass the bipartisan Dream Act of 2017, which would provide a path to citizenship for these Dreamers.

We invite others to join us in reflecting on the kind of nation we wish to become, in standing up for justice, and in preaching the gospel with both courage and audacity. Let us hold in tenderness and prayer our immigrant sisters and brothers as we pray for spaciousness of heart towards all people in our beautiful, yet wounded world.

Sister Mary Ann Adams
Sister Jeanne Albrittain
Sister Christina Aldarelli
Sister Mary Elaine Anderson
Sister Susan Armbruster
Sister M. de Montfort Babb
Sister Jean Louise Bachetti
Sister M. Gracette Baker
Sister Dolores M. Banick
Sister M. Janice Barry
Sister Joan M. Bastress
Sister Ann Belz
Sister Ann Berendes
Sister M. Carlita Bird
Sister M. Carleen Boehlert
Sister Theresa Bonanza
Sister Anne Mary Boslett
Sister M. Leonnette Bower
Sister M. Josaire Brady
Sister Susan Ellen Brown
Sister Ann Monica Bubser
Sister Lois Buckley
Sister Elizabeth Bullen
Sister Margaret Burke
Sister Kathleen Mary Burns
Sister Regina Burns
Sister M. Monica Byrne
Sister Gail Cabral
Sister Grace Campbell
Sister Mary Barbara Campbell
Sister M. Marguerita Carbone
Sister Ellen Carney
Sister Beatrice Caulson
Sister Helen Ann Charlebois
Sister Josephine Cioffi
Sister Kathleen Clancy
Sister Kathryn Clauss
Sister Eileen Clinton
Sister Mary Ann Cody
Sister Eileen Mary Coleman
Sister Marionette Coll
Sister Jean Conaty
Sister M. Alphonsa Concilio
Sister Jane Marie Connolly
Sister Helene Cooke
Sister Mary Elizabeth Costello
Sister Jean Coughlin
Sister Mary Ellen Coyne
Sister Maureen Cryan
Sister Barbara D’Auria
Sister Nancy DeCesare
Sister Amanda Del Valle
Sister Suzanne Delaney
Sister Elizabeth DeMerchant
Sister Eleanor Desaulniers
Sister Ann Barbara DeSiano
Sister Agnes Mary Devitt
Sister M. Ann Rosalia Devlin
Sister Rose DiFluri
Sister M. Monique Dissen
Sister Damian Marie Dlugos
Sister M. Anysia Donohue
Sister Jacquelyn Donohue
Sister Vincentia Dorsey
Sister Therese Mary    
Sister Thomas Mary
Sister Geraldine Dranginis
Sister Jane Mary Duke
Sister Dolores Dunn
Sister Grace Madeline Dusch
Sister Eileen Egan
Sister Mary Elizabeth Ehling
Sister Nancy Marie Elder
Sister Jane Ellis
Sister Mary Kathleen Faliskie
Sister Maryla Farfour
Sister Lillian Marie Farrell
Sister M. Francine Fasolka
Sister Patricia Fedele
Sister Tomasa Fernandez
Sister Mary Pio Ferrario
Sister Dolores M. Filicko
Sister M. Alexius Fitzgerald
Sister Carrie Elizabeth Flood
Sister Gloria Frank
Sister Theresa Frere
Giovana Fuentes Bendivez
Sister Jean Gallagher
Sister Mary Jo Gallagher
Sister Paula Gallagher
Sister Margaret Gannon
Sister Mary Martha Gardiner
Sister Jane Gaughan
Sister Marie Estelle Gavel
Sister Mary Mercy Gilbart
Sister M. Myra Gilbart
Sister Catherine Ann Gilvary
Sister Rosemary Goulet
Sister M. Johnice Grand
Sister Ann Grayeski
Sister Rosemarie Gregorio
Sister M. Francis Xavier Grieb
Sister Sandra Grieco
Sister Carole A. Griffin
Sister Marylin Grosselfinger
Sister Ruthanne Gypalo
Sister Susan Hadzima
Sister M. St. Henry Haiss
Sister Dorothy Haney
Sister Roberta Mary Harding
Sister Ruth Harkins
Sister Michael Marie Hartman
Sister M. Lisbeth Hartnett
Sister Kathleen Hassett
Sister Patricia Hauser
Sister Nancy Hawkins
Sister Cor Immaculatum
Sister Daniel Mary Heisey
Sister Janice Heisey
Sister M. Rosarii Hemmer
Sister M. Helen Hemmer
Sister Melissa Hester
Sister Helene Hicks
Sister Mary Ellen Higgins
Sister M. Sabine Higgins
Sister Beverly Hmel
Sister Sarah Ann Holmes
Sister Barbara Jablonski
Sister Maryalice Jacquinot
Sister Janet Jeffers
Sister Theresa Jordan
Sister Jan Marie Kalyan
Sister Mary Alice Kane
Sister Joan Katoski
Sister M. Michel Keenan
Sister M. Annellen Kelly
Sister Kathleen K. Kelly
Sister Kathleen M. Kelly
Sister Maria Rose Kelly
Sister Dorothy Kibler
Sister Nancy Kilmer
Sister Angela Kim
Sister Eleace King
Sister Marianne Knight
Sister Christine Koellhoffer
Sister Donna Marie Korba
Sister Maria Peter Kratz
Sister M. Romaine Krug
Sister Claire Marie Kulp
Sister Kathryn Kurdziel
Sister Sarah Landis
Sister Mary Ann Lang
Sister Francis Rose Lapitino
Sister Madonna Marie     
Sister Jean Leonard
Sister M. Chrysta Lerhinan
Sister Margaret Loftus
Sister Mary Edward Loftus
Sister Mare Carol Loughney
Sister M. Dolorosa Loughney
Sister Mary Mark Lowery
Sister Carol Ann Lubas
Sister Kathleen Lunsmann
Sister Catherine Luxner
Sister Ann Marie Lynott
Sister Denise F. Lyon
Sister M. St. Francis Lyons
Sister Joanne Madden
Sister Eleanor Malanaphy
Sister Anita Maleski
Sister Mary Ellen Malloy
Sister M. Ancilla Maloney
Sister Mary Jane Maloney
Sister Anne Manion
Sister Eleanor Mary Marconi
Sister Florence Ann Marino
Sister Joyce Marks
Sister Ellen Maroney
Sister Elvia Mata Ortega
Sister Ritamary Mayan
Sister Jeanne Marie McAuliffe
Sister M. Daniela McCarthy
Sister Margo McCormick
Sister M. Jamesann McCue
Sister Joan McCusker
Sister Anne McDonald
Sister Ann Marie McDonnell
Sister Theresa Ann McElroy
Sister Elizabeth McEneaney
Sister M. Daria McGinn
Sister Ann Eulaine McHale
Sister Raymond Mary
Sister Ann McLaughlin
Sister Sandra McMahon
Sister Delia Marie McNeirney
Sister Kathleen McNulty
Sister M. Anselm McShea
Sister Jane Meehan
Sister Mary Ellen Merrick
Sister Christine Mihelich
Sister Janet Milan
Sister Angela Miller
Sister Denise Montagne
Sister Marie C. Moore
Sister Rose Marie Mozzachio
Sister Catherine Anne Mullaly
Sister Loretta Mulry
Sister Anne Munley
Sister Marilyn Muro
Sister Robert Mary Murphy
Sister Rita Ann Naughton
Sister M. Claudette Naylor
Sister Ann Newell
Sister Mary Newett
Sister Barbara Nogiewich
Sister Judith Ellen O’Brien
Sister Patricia O’Brien
Sister Katherine O’Neil
Sister Karen Marie O’Neill
Sister Mary Joy O’Neill
Sister Babette Opferman
Sister Therese O’Rourke
Sister Joan Ottman
Sister Agnes Panik
Sister Felicia Ann Parise
Sister Angela Mary Parker
Sister Ann Parker
Sister M. Celeste Parry
Sister Joan Paskert
Sister Elizabeth M. Pearson
Sister Lisa Perkowski
Sister Mary Persico
Sister Richard Mary Peters
Sister Roberta Peters
Sister Theresa Petz
Sister Mariam Pfeifer
Sister Mary William Philbin
Sister Ann Marie Pierce
Sister M. St. Kenneth Polley
Sister Norma Poma Arpi
Sister Maria Grace Quartiero
Sister Anastasia Quigley
Sister Joan Quinn
Sister Kelly Ann Quinn
Sister Mariette Quinn
Sister M. St. Anthony
Sister Teresa Raftery
Sister Mary Rassley
Sister Mary Reap
Sister Miriam Joseph
Sister Mary Ann Remus
Sister Mary Lambert Rossi
Sister Janet Rossiter
Sister Frances Mary Rundell
Sister Frances E. Russell
Sister Rosemaron Rynn
Sister M. Rosella Salvato
Sister Annmarie Sanders
Sister Mary Schmidling
Sister M. Electa Schmidt
Sister M. Mercille Schneider
Sister Mary Schoberg
Sister M. Isabel Schratwieser
Sister Maureen Ann Schrimpe
Sister Lila Marie Sciabica
Sister Agnes Shaw
Sister Mary Sheehan
Sister Joel Marie Sheehe
Sister M. Celesta Sinisi
Sister Catherine Sitja y
Sister Mary Helen Slavinskas
Sister Anne Mary Smith
Sister Mary Rita Smith
Sister Jane Snyder
Sister John Michele
Sister Patricia Stack
Sister Kathleen Joy Steck
Sister Karen Marie Steinberg
Sister Sue Ann Steves
Sister M. Lorraine Studley
Sister Carol Sukitz
Sister Grace Elizabeth
Sister Madeline Swaboski
Sister M. Redempta Sweeney
Sister Anna Tantsits
Sister Marion Tarone
Sister M. Tarcisius Tasselli
Sister M. Charlene Templeton
Sister Rachel Marie Terry
Sister Bernadette Thomas
Sister Lenore Thomas
Sister Mary Denise Thomas
Sister Joan Marie Thompson
Sister Maria Goretti Timperio
Sister Patricia Tippen
Sister Cecilia Yeon Tji
Sister Jean Toolan
Sister Jo Ann Trama
Sister M. Francis Regis Vagt
Sister M. Angelique Vannicola
Sister Marie Lourdes Vanston
Sister Louis Marie Verchick
Sister Dora Maria Vizcarra
Sister Maria Voorneveld
Sister Elizabeth Mary Wallace
Sister Ann Walsh
Sister Patricia Walsh
Sister Virginia Waters
Sister Minnette Susan
Sister Kieran Williams
Sister Doreen Willis
Sister Maureen Willis
Sister Constance Wilt
Sister Janet Yurkanin
Sister Mary Luke Zaleski
Sister Judith Ann Ziegler
Sister Amy Zychal