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Praying for Peace

February 24, 2022 marks one year since Russia invaded Ukraine. It is over one year now that Ukraine and her people have suffered unending bombings, destruction, loss of life, and harm to the environment. In the midst of so much ongoing pain, the people of Ukraine have astounded the global community by their determination, their courage, their resilience, their hope for the return of peace.

In searching for ways to express solidarity with the people of Ukraine, Sister Chris Koellhoffer wrote the “Prayer for Peace,” to which Sister Fran Fasolka added her beautiful design in the colors of Ukraine’s flag. The prayer has been circulated widely.

Prayer for Ukraine

Last October, Chris was contacted by Sue Graves, a woman living in Oregon, who follows Chris’ blog, Mining the Now (, and who wrote: “I am contacting you because your ‘Prayer for Peace’ spoke deeply to me when I was searching for the perfect message to include with the beaded bracelets I have been making and giving away since the beginning of the war in Ukraine…I wanted words that would speak to more people, other religions and traditions. I would love to speak with you about my project and permission to share your prayer. These are gifts and not sold. I have been reading your blog and about your retreats. I resonate with your teaching and share a path. I am not a Sister but ‘a sister of the heart.’”

Recently, Chris received a wonderful surprise in the mail: candles and beaded bracelets imprinted with the “Prayer for Peace,” a gift from the hands and heart of this creative woman. Her handiwork is displayed in these photos. We invite all to remember her and the countless unknown people of faith and good will whose lives are given over to creating a more just and compassionate world.