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Thou Shall Cover Thy Face

Thou Shall Cover Thy Face by Jo Ann Trama, IHM

That was the edict and the IHM Production Team gathered and began the task of the "Face Mask Creations." The IHM Center was "Sewing Central" and Sister Ellen Maroney gave the request to an old home economics teacher – Jo Ann Trama, IHM. Jo Ann, now a social worker, called for team workers (social workers do micro and macro management). Creators beyond the Center in local houses were sewing, too. At the IHM Center, the sewing team: Sisters Grace Campbell, Mary Martha Gardiner, Joanne Madden, Anne Mary Boslett, and Mary Ann Lang had a quick “how to create a mask” lesson from Jo Ann. Fabric was donated by Sisters Marie C. Moore, Jan Marie Kalyan and Jo Ann Trama. Sewers had a cardboard pattern to cut masks out of the fabric but Sisters Jane Ellis and Joel Marie Sheehe cut out 36 + pieces to be available. Elastic – 1/4” or 1/8” is a hard-to-come-by commodity. But the Sew Smart Fabric store in downtown Scranton provided almost all we needed. Jo Ann called ahead and ordered, and, with face mask and gloves and money made the exchange for the delivery of the much needed elastic. Sister M. Myra Gilbart provided the last yard of elastic for our last eight masks.

Sister Geraldine Marie Dranginis cut 20 yards of 1/8” elastic into 7” pieces. Ribbon was donated, too, but during production we found ribbon could be difficult to tie. We used sewing machines around the IHM Center and were grateful for Sister Terri Jordan loaning us her portable Brother machine. Since empty rooms at the IHM Center were being sanitized, we were grateful that one was opened as a sewing area for us by Sister Ann Marie

The masks were distributed to the sister residents of the IHM Center and also the IHM leadership team.