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We Sisters of IHM Stand with Our Neighbors

We, Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary of Scranton, PA, are deeply grieved by the continuous and increasing violence perpetuated against marginalized populations as well as the use of guns to maim and kill innocent people across this country.

As Sisters of IHM we strive to live, minister, and educate in peace and for the common good. We seek to transform structures that promote violence and do not address issues related to mental illness. We affirm the dignity and equality of all human beings, and seek to influence systems to promote non-discrimination in regard to race, gender, religion, class and mental illness.  We seek to influence legislation and will urge senators and congresspersons to strengthen gun laws, issue a ban on assault weapons and address the needs of the mentally ill in our country.

We hold in our prayer all those who have been injured in body and spirit and who have lost loved ones to violence and the use of guns. Yet, we recognize that prayer is not enough and that we will use our voices to work for change and build the common good. We stand in solidarity with our neighbors who are hurt and afraid. We hold on to hope coupled with our deliberate action to create a more loving and inclusive country and world.