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The IHM Mission in Sicuani is Rooted in Love

by Elizabeth McGill

The IHM mission in Sicuani is rooted in unconditional love. Sisters Ancilla, Eileen and Norma beautifully display unconditional love to everyone they encounter.

For the month of January, 2019, I was blessed with the opportunity to integrate myself into the daily prayer, community life, and ministry of our IHM sisters here in Sicuani. Specifically, I assisted in their Summer Program, providing athletic activities for children ages 4-12. Besides the obvious joys of being surrounded by adorable children each week, my experience stirred something much deeper within me. The sisters are beautiful witnesses to living in a supportive, life-giving, and loving community. In addition, all three are significant leaders in Sicuani. At mass, in the market, or taking a stroll down the street with them, I often heard a voice calling out “Hermana,” which is always followed by a smile and hug from a child or an adult excited to see Ancilla, Eileen or Norma. It is obvious their presence brings comfort and joy to many. Witnessing the way in which these sisters meet everyone with open hearts is powerful.

The people of Sicuani are beautiful. Despite our apparent physical differences, we all have so much in common. We have the same basic needs and concerns. I find we all seek happiness and try to avoid suffering. One way or another, we seek comfort and security. We all experience love, hatred, affection, and curiosity. The sisters in Sicuani share in these human experiences, while remaining a constant source of unconditional love for all. The human needs of people today are vast and the sisters here are meeting those needs through their gracious presence. I pray that I may be as humble and loving to all I encounter as our sisters in Sicuani so beautifully demonstrate.