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Sr Eileen Egan, Missionary in Peru


Blessings for Christmas and the New Year 2022 from the Southern Andes of Peru

The Good news of this year is that Victor and Michele, my godson and his wife are now the proud parents of Liliana Ruth, born on August 20.  It was precious how they informed me of the blessed event.  Visitor sent an e-mail saying that I'm about to become a "God grandmother."  That put a happy smile on my face.

Rufina and Valentin's six are growing up.  Ishmael, the eldest is 19 and hopefully will be going to the University soon.  Lucia Margaret is going into third grade.  Number 3 son, Moses, who was born on my birthday, is the "go to" boy when the kids want something from me.  Never a dull moment in our neighborhood.


It seems as if my extended family just keeps growing.  Last year, Margarita, an 8th grader, asked me to be her sponsor for Confirmation.  I got to know her when her Mom died a few years ago.  She and her older sister stayed with us while her father went to the jungle to increase his earnings in order to pay for his wife's hospitalization and then the funeral.  Returning, he took his girls to a little 2 room apartment so they could live as a family.  Whenever she sees me she asks if I'm OK.  Obviously, that's not the usual comment of a young teenager, but I attribute it to the tragedy in her life.  One day I asked her what she had for supper.  She replied, "Potatoes, that's all we have."  We were able to get some eggs, fruit and veggies to supplement their meagre diet on that occasion and continue to check on them to make sure they have enough to eat.   Her father weaves alpaca hats and scarves, but there's not been tourist trade for the past two years due to the pandemic, so they just struggle to survive.


I'm still able to visit our people in the outlying Andean communities.  Recently, a young woman asked me to visit her aging father.  Lorenzo is deaf and is losing his memory and she was very concerned about him.  At the end of the road she let me hold onto her shoulders as she led me through treacherous mountain trails and across a few ditches to their home on the side of a cliff.  I anointed Lorenzo with holy water making the sign of the cross on his forehead since the oil of the sick is not allowed in my hands.  As the prayer ended, he whispered, "Gracias" and I felt twice blessed by that word.


The Latin American bishops had a meeting in November, which included virtual participation of the laity.  We were encouraged to contribute ideas, so I wrote a letter to a commission suggesting that bishops name "Ministers of the Sick" so that some of the laity may celebrate the sacrament of anointing with holy oil in the absence of a priest.  We have already modified the rite substituting the words "holy water" but we know that the oil of the sick would be better.  Change is difficult in a traditional church but, it doesn't hurt to at least suggest a new idea.  We have no doubt that the Holy Spirit of God continues to be alive and active among us.


One final thought from Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM.
"God in Jesus became what God loves - everything human.  God for us - we call you Father. God along side us - we call you Jesus.  God within us - we call you the Holy Spirit. You are the eternal mystery that enables, enfolds and enlivens all things.  Even us, even you and me.  Amen"

Thank you for your love and care.  May you be blessed with good health and happiness in the coming year.

Love and God bless,

Eileen of the Andes 
(Sister Eileen Egan, IHM)    

Celebrating 50 Years in Peru (1965-2015)

Scranton & Immaculata Sistere
Scranton Sisters of IHM are joined by Immaculata Sisters of IHM for the 50th anniversary celebration of Scranton IHM presence and ministry in Peru.

Sr Joel Marie and Laura
Sister Joel Marie Sheehe with Laura, the first lay director of Santíssimo Nombre de Jesús. Laura is 91 years old.

Sr Jeanne Marie Kearney (Colletta)

Lots of applause for Coletta (Jeanne Marie Kearney) who is serving in Peru for 45 years!

Musicians including Sr Dora and Sr Norma        
Musicians included Sisters Dora Vizcarra, Angela Cerna-Plata (M), and Norma Poma            
Arpi along with Carmen Contreras, GabiBarron, IHM Associates, and Myriam Mendoza
from Sicuani.

Sr Tomasa

Sister Tomasa Fernandez reading the petitions at Mass.   

Sr Michael Marie and Sr Clare Mary (Immaculata)

Sister Michael Marie Hartman and Sister Clare Mary (IHM Immaculata). Sister Michael Marie remarked, “Sister Clare Mary was one of the arrived in Peru. Sister Clare Mary received this symbolic gift from the Scranton IHMs,remembering all the Immaculata IHMs who figured so strongly in our early beginnings in Peru.”

Sr Eileen with visiting religious

Sister Eileen Egan poses with other women religious serving in Peru who were guests
at the celebration.

Dancers including Sr Norma

Sister Norma was one of the dancers to perform a traditional Peruvian dance during the reception.

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